23 December 2010

EDC Level Zero

From the top: iPod Touch, LG Remarq, Paracord Bracelet, Timbuk2 Dimebag, Comb, Leatherman Nylon Pouch, Leatherman Blast, Cree NF-007 SacredFire Flashlight, Zebra F-301 Compact Pen, Tube with 2 CR123A Batteries, Burt's Bees Lip Balm, Timex Triathlon, CRKT Get-a-Way Tool, Gerber EAB Lite Utility Knife, Gerber Paraframe Mini Pocket Knife, True Utility Firestash Ligher, Leatherman Squirt P4.

The "methodology" is on-going but I call it Level Zero. For others it might be Level One. The Timbuk2 Dimebag holds everything but the Leatherman Blast, iPod, Phone, Watch, Paracord Bracelet and Comb. It goes on my belt with the Leatherman Blast. The phone, iPod and comb go in my pockets, the bracelet and watch on my wrists.

I bought this pouch a few years ago and used it occasionally for my phone and iPod. A few months ago I started throwing tools in it. That's when I had to start thinking about how I am using it. Because of the shape the items need to be of a certain size and shape. More things fit if they're not longer than 3.5" and at most .5" wide. I think I actually have enough for right now. I'm afraid if I add much more the pouch will start to sag and I don't want to have to add straps to shore things up. I am thinking of ways to modify it to hold more and add organization. I am going to add some webbing loops to the inside of the Timbuk2 pouch to hold as many of the tools as possible.

What I like about this amount of belt carry is that given the type of shirts I wear most of the time it stays covered until I need something. I don't want to have much more on me because it interferes with being able to get around. More stuff means more weight and time involved in getting out a particular tool to use. How many times have you had to pull a handful of stuff out of your pocket just to get to one thing? If I were going to add anything it would be a few feet of paracord. A knife and some sort of cord allows you to at least get on the way to making a bow drill to get a fire going.

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