04 January 2011

Prepping Reloaded

For the last few months there has been quite a bit of distraction in my life. I've been looking for deals on gear and I've let the food storage slide quite a bit. I need to start buying extra canned food, aka "copy-canning" and start pricing dehydrators. Last year I set up a journal for prepping and even made a leather cover for it. But I haven't kept up with it, hence the mention of distractions. So first is food and spending logs. I need to know what I'm eating so I can gauge how much to store. The second question is 'where's the money going?' I'm definitely not spending everything on bills. I'm sure the creditors would prefer that. So what can I afford to save, to use for preps, for tithing? Once I know that I'll know how long it will take for me to put back 3-6 months of food.

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