18 February 2011

Portable power

I've ordered the Tekkeon TekCharge Mobile Power and Battery Charger off Amazon.com. I have an Energizer Xpal XP18000 battery that I use to charge my phone and iPod when I am home. I even brought it to work with me for the two-night hotel stay during the ice storm but ended up charging my stuff at work and using the outlet at the hotel. I don't know how long 4AA batteries will last charging these two devices. Hopefully one set can keep me going until I can get to a more longterm power source. I'll also be checking into a solar charger to charge the Xpal battery. I got that off woot.com for $49.95 over a year ago It normally sells for three times that price. But given the way woot runs their sales it will probably be a long time before they locate a batch of these batteries to mark down again. Right now I charge the gadgets at home and through the USB ports at work. I rarely charge them in the car, though I do have that ability. I always try to use other people's electricity when I can. Solar would allow me to be more grid independent. The problem is the length of time it would take to charge a battery the size of the XP18000. It takes about 3 hours charging it via the AC outlet. What I've been doing is charging it once a month and then using it to charge my stuff the rest of the time. They say these batteries can be charged up to 500 times. So unless you're having to recharge it daily it should last several years. More on this later.

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