16 March 2011


To tell you about the blog I need to tell you a bit about me.

I spent most of my adult life as a member of the Republican party. All of that time I have been a Christian. I came into the church through a couple of evangelical ministries and did a fair amount of bouncing from church to church and denomination to denomination. Since 1983 my faith has had its ebbs and flows and like a lot of things in life, "if I knew then what I know now..." People change and when September 11th happened life changed for just about everyone. Sometime in 2002 and into 2003 I noticed that I no longer felt the same way about he Republicans and ended up leaving the party. I've totally abandoned it ideologically though I still get mailings and occasionally vote in their primary so my voter registration card sometimes gets stamped. I see myself more as an independent than anything and my political leanings are mainly libertarian-atheist. What I mean is that politically I do not believe in the ingenuousness or integrity of any party or candidate. None of them. I came to this perspective after a good deal of soul searching and I had to come to grips with the fact that I could no longer deal with what I call Republican Christendom. People talk about not mixing politics and religion but they don't see how extensively the American flag has become wrapped around the cross. So my solution has not been taking God out of politics but taking politics out of God. I have had to divorce the two in my mind and heart and the process is ongoing.

During the five years up to 2008 my bewilderment stayed in the background with me not trusting either party but not knowing who to trust. Then during that year I started watching conspiracy videos. I got angry. I got angry at everyone who had told me I had to be a certain way for whatever reason. I got angry at the church and at people in the church. I got angry at government. The result of all this ended up as despair. I felt powerless. I felt that something was headed my direction that was totally unacceptable but which I didn't feel any empowerment to resist and stay alive. it seemed that there were so many people just riding along on autopilot accepting whatever. Actually it still feels that way but I see now that I cannot control that. About a year ago I discovered preparedness and survivalism. Governments and whatever worldwide conspiracies are out there are going to do what they can to move ahead and maintain power. I can't stop that and there is very little I can do to undermine it other than preparing and not being someone who needs "them" aka systems of support. I've learned quite a lot in the past year, started a garden, started keeping back a supply of food and cash. A lot changed last year and it's had me running pretty tight and that probably won't change over the next few years.

So the blog developed out of a need to help get the word out there and make connections with other preppers and survivalists. I read a lot of mentions on forums and other sites about fighting zombies. I find zombies, in the theatrical sense, to be hurmourous but they don't really interest me. I have had a life long love of space and the idea of life on other worlds. Since I don't see much being mentioned about the aliens coming other than TV shows like V, I chose the name aliensurvival for the blog. We're on blogspot for the time being. I will be registering the domain and moving to a separate host. I will keep the blog here and cross-post everything so that it's all current. I'm not an expert on these subjects. I don't have years of experience in Scouting or fishing and camping trips. I'm a "city slicker" who wants to retire to a rural setting and build a house on an acre of two and produce as much of my own food, water and power as I can. This blog is the chronicle of that journey. If you've made it this far, through all my ramblings about politics and religion and what happened in my life regarding those, I appreciate your attention to my details.

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