20 March 2011

Competitive Driving will cost you

I've done it. I'm sure everyone has done it...Speeding up to close the gap between you and the car in front of you to keep people merging on from filling up the space...Trying to beat someone to an exit or a light. These kinds of racecar-ish tactics just end up burning up more gas and the fact that we do these things more or less unconsciously we may not even notice that we're paying a bit more at the pump.

The better approach is to leave people be. How does it really benefit you if you get to the red light ahead of someone else? Being able to pull away tenths of a second ahead of another driver only helps for pole position. That, thankfully, is not the reality of anyone's daily commute. So stop being an ass. Cock-blocking with your car is just your arrogance at work and isn't helping you or anyone else.

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