13 April 2011

Diagnosis: Pandemic Caeliferic (Grasshopper) Psychosis

Grasshoppers are of the suborder Caelifera.

As I move deeper into the preparedness/survivalist mindset, I find myself less and less able to understand the average person's attitude towards existence. People live their lives as though nothing negative will ever befall them. There are people on the East Coast who keep clothing in unplugged refrigerators because they eat out all the time and think they have no need of keeping food on hand. Do a search for Kitchenistas when you're done reading this.

Those of us who put aside a buck or two here or a can of soup there have to endure the ridicule of others, even our own family members.

Jack Spirko of The Survival Podcast refers to this gaggle of thoughts, opinions and behaviors as "normalcy bias." While his use of the term is quite accurate it doesn't go far enough. This is worse than normalcy bias,

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