05 April 2011

Epsilon problems

Within the last week I have gotten at least two emails from companies I've given my email address to about the hacking incident with their provider called Epsilon. I talked to a coworker who said he's also gotten them. So far I haven't seen a spike in spam, nor has there been a problem with my bank accounts. I've been hit with fraud charges before so I'm keeping an eye on this. The emails said the hackers didn't get much more than email addresses. That doesn't mean we should take this lightly. There are enough bits of info about everyone who shops on the net for criminals to put together a file and under the right circumstances, as happened to me a few months ago, get a debit or credit card number. So check your account info on the websites you do business with. See how much info is out there on you and delete it if you think it's too much exposure.

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